▸ Hiking

Live and experience the mountains in the inner Zillertal. Our guests can enjoy the appealing landscape of the Zillertal on wonderful and well developed paths.

You will receive individual recommendations to fully explore and experience the attraction of this unique part of the Alps. We have everything for you – from easy walks to cabin tours or alpine tours!

The Zillertal Alps are characterised by a unique flora and fauna. In addition to rare animal species, attentive eyes can discover brightly colourful alpine flowers like gentian and arnica, even the occasional orchid.

A special piece of advice
Everywhere you can use the water of our springs for your refreshment and drink it with pleasure – you’ll see, there’s nothing better!



▸ Mountaineering

Recently the Zillertal Alps, which have been a protected area since 1991, were awarded the rating ‘Natural Preserve’. As a result, the area “Zillertaler Hauptkamm” is also known as an Alpine Natural Preserve, being the first of its sort in Tyrol. It is also worth noting that a Natural Preserve Association was founded, with the goal of taking care of the area and helping local businesses to be considerate and careful in regards to Nature.

In the vicinity of Hippach visitors can enjoy the unique alpine landscape of this preserve. It encompasses an area from the mountain village Ginzling (1,000 m above sea level) to the highest mountain of the valley, the Hochfeiler at 3,500 m.

Numerous paths, mountain restaurants and cabins are there for the Nature lovers, the hikers, the mountaineers and climbers, offering them many possibilities to enjoy themselves.

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▸ Cycling

Bicyclists and mountain bikers will discover many possibilities to engage in their favourite hobby. Paved bicycle tracks alongside the Ziller are perfect for a family bike tour.

Bikers with stamina are free to explore the higher levels and go on a tour up to 2,000 m above sea level – on the Zillertaler Höhenstrasse’.

In addition, all 4 tributary valleys of the Zillertal (Zillergrund, Stillup, Zemmgrund, Tux) can be accessed by bicycle.

> Bikemap of the Zillertal
> Bike Trail Tirol



▸ Leisure Park Hippach

The Leisure Park Hippach offers our guests a 25m pool, large children’s pool, water slide, double-wave water slide, current canal, sitting corner, etc. Also a large lawn and a playground

Ball-playing equipment, beach volleyball courts, trampoline, skater court, climbing wall as well as a playground. Guests of the boarding house Hubertus can use the Leisure Park and the tennis court free of charge!

All you need is your guest card, and then you’ll be ready for your water adventures! If you want to play tennis, simply sign up at the tourism office, and you’ll be assigned one of our court!



▸ Trip Destinations

Because of its central location, the Gasthof Hubertus is the ideal starting point for trips to various destinations in the region:

Innsbruck – The provincial capital of Tyrol (60 km)

Alpine zoo Innsbruck – 2000 animals belonging to 150 species are exhibited in naturalistic pens, terrariums and aquariums.

Hall – The ‘mint city’ (55 km)

Schwaz – The ‘silver city’ (43 km)

Rattenberg – The ‘glass city’ (40 km)

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – The Swarovski Crystal Worlds invite you to a journey through the dream world of fairy and other tales.

The ‘Magical World of Glass’ – At Kisslinger in Rattenberg on the over 1000 m² large exhibition area of Kisslinger Crystal Glas, visitors can watch the glass blowers create cups, little glass animals, etc.

Farm museum Kramsach (45 km) – A collection of historical farms from all over Tyrol. It encompasses an area of about 8 hectares.

WasserWunderWelt Krimml/Wald (36 km) – Experience the fascination of water at the Krimml waterfalls. See many interesting features and have fun in the Aqua Centrum, the Aqua Parc, at the Aqua Vision.

Planetarium /Observatory Sternwarte Königsleiten/Wald (28 km) – Europes highest-up planetarium and its observatory are located in the nearby village Königsleiten. A six-kilometer-long Planets’ Path around Königsleiten is supposed to render the dimensions of our solar system understandable for the human mind.

Nordkette – Experience the ‘Seegrube’

Exhibition Goldmine Zell – Feel how the interior of the mountain is alive and experience 350 years’s worth of history of this nearly forgotten trade in a multimedia presentation within the mine. Find out how the work conditions beneath the surface were, how the miners lived and what their social environment was like.

Alpine road Schlegeis reservoir – See mountain reservoirs.

Wolfsklamm Stans – Go on a soulsearching trip through the Wolfklamm to the St. Georgenberg monastery.